Monday, October 31, 2016

How To Publish a Post In Your Blogspot Blog Using Your Smart Phone

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Unlimited Tutorial last Bus stop, To Day i will sharing with you how you as a blogger can publish a post in your blogspot blog using your various smart phone, whether Nokia and so on.

We all know that some phones does not allow you to publish a post to your blog due to, the fact that the phone is not supported by blogger, When i first started bloging i needed to post updates to my blog but my phone does not support Blogger, Whenever i try they will be showing me error, That was when i learn't this cheat and today am sharing it with you so that you can keep your blog updated all the time,

This cheat is simple, First go to your Browser And Download UC Browser, Why UC Browser? The reason why you need to download Uc Brwoser is because UC Browser support Blogger, But Opera Mini does not, So for this cheap to work we need a Browser that support Blogger, Let assume you are done downloading the UC Browser, Log into your Gmail account after that, Open a New window and type then you will be Redirected to your Blog, Don't worry we are almost Done,

Then Open a New Window again and Past The following Code. 

 Then chose the blog that you want to make the post on if you have more than one Blog, If encounted any problem, fell free to use the comment Button Bellow. Note that this post was Made using thesame Link
How To Publish a Post In Your Blogspot Blog Using Your Smart Phone
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