Saturday, November 19, 2016

How To Corrupt Any File Online And Request For More Time

Today on TheBloggerTricks: we will learn, how you can corrupt any file online. You might have been given an assignment in your school or office and because of time didn't finish up don't worry as am going to be teaching how you can corrupt the file online and request for more time to finish up.

Without wasting much of your time, lets move to the Topic.
Below is how you can Corrupt any file online.
I humbly as usual Introduce to you "Corrupt-a-file"

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without wasting much of your time. what is this corrupt-a-file is all about don't worry am going to tell you. corrupt-a-file is a website that allows you to corrupt any file online it can be office file or assignment and many more. It allows you to corrupt it online.

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How do i corrupt my File using corrupt file; it is simple considering you save the file in your various devices, It can be your phone, Laptop or even Dropbox. Because you will be asked to upload the file online for the file corruption process to take place.

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First thing you are going to do is save the file in your device and go to and follow the procedures. Any Question or suggestion kindly use the comment box below

Note: It is for Free so start corrupting as many file as you can and request for more time to finish up the project.
How To Corrupt Any File Online And Request For More Time
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