Thursday, November 03, 2016

How To End Unneccessary Deduction On Your MTN SIM

Image result for mtn picsUnlimited Tutorial Last Bus Stop, Today i will be sharing with you the Simple Tricks to End Unneccessary Deduction from your MTN SIM, Something warranted me to write this Post, You may be asking what? Last week i loaded 200# in my MTN SIM, all of a sudden 100# was deducted from my account i called MTN Customer Care and explained to Them,

Read their Reply at the First deduction, "Please Mr Paul I have used the system and checked your Line there was no deduction made to your Line, Kindly call back the tomorrow so that i can check your Line one more time".

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I know so many of you may be passing through the same situation and you don't know what to do, Worry no more because today is the End. Now back to my experience, Today again i loaded 200# again same Story, I have to wake up from my slumber, And that is when the solution was provided,

So if you are Reading this post and you are also suffering from thesame thing Here is what you are Going to Do. Using your MTN SIM Dial *123*5# then send, From the option that will be displayed to You Choose 1, That is not all, After entering 1 Another option will be displayed for you from that second option choose 2,

Then you will See the List of all the subscription that is deducing your Money against your will. Click on them One after the other that is if it is more than One and an Unsubscription Link will be Displayed for You. Then choose Unsubscribe. Go back again and Repeat the same process Untill it Writes No Active Subscription Left. Support us by droping your comment below, tell us whether it worked for you and share your experience with others. Thank You
How To End Unneccessary Deduction On Your MTN SIM
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