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Top Questions Beginners Bloggers Ask and Their Answers

Below are top questions Beginners Bloggers ask and their Answer: The questions below. When I first started blogging i also asked thesame questions as well. When i first started Blogging:

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Number One: Is blogging a career: the answer to that question is Yes: It is a career when taken seriously, Because blogging is like a Garden which requires Hardworking and consistent: It is a field where we have many expertise in different category, For you now bringing your own content and try to over shadow the masters, You and i know is not going to be easy, That is why it requires Hardworking, Consistent and patient as well:

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Number Two: Is ther any money paid to blogger. The answer to that question is Capital No, There is no money paid to bloggers what ever fame and popularity the enjoy today the worked for it, Or is it because you are have been hearing about Google Adsense you think once you open a blog the first thing to do is to apply for it, Remove that mentality from your Brain because the will never accept you, Before you can apply for it you must first have enough content in your Blog, Not stolen once but the once you worked very heard for. There is no money paid to bloggers:

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Number Three: Since there is no money paid to bloggers, how do i earn with my blog. There is many way you can earn with your blog but first of all allow the blog to mature, Money shouldn't be the first thing you consider when going into blogging:

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Number Four: Is it bad as a beginners blogger to copy other bloggers post and post it to my Blog, The answer is capital No, it is very Bad, you don't have to copy other people post, i will tell you the reason why people copy other people post

Because the want their blog to be popular and also rank high in Search Engine, by copying other people post,
Because the want to fast apply for Adsense and start making money over night.

The side effect: Google Adsense that you want to apply for with copied content will never approve you.

Two: Your Blog will not be Ranked high in Search Engine, As the original content will always be ahead of you.Three it will reduce your blog credibility,

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Now to my conclusion. I think you must have the passion before adventuring into any field it may be blogging or other thing, Make sure that the passion is there, And be patient as well, Money shouldn't be the number one factor of going into blogging.

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Top Questions Beginners Bloggers Ask and Their Answers
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