Saturday, December 03, 2016

How To Create a Custom Pattern Lock For Your Android Phone

Have been searching on how to create a custom pattern lock on your Android Mobile. Search no more cause today. I will be sharing with you, How you can create a custom pattern lock, for your Android Mobile. The pattern that only you can remember.
Enjoy here are the Procedures:
Step 1. I Review to you. "Smart Lock Screen"
Like i said before it enables you to set your own Pattern for your screen and it also has many features like.

✔ lock any apps(SNS, Game, Photos, Videos, SMS)
✔ lock apps using multiple password
✔ lock your phone using remote control
• Custemize lock screen(background and theme)
And many more.
Also you can Read the testimonies of those that has used the apps. Below.

Hamid Raza
Its truely goodI have tried all other lock applications but i find this one best among all. Only one thing that should be corrected that i have locked my videos player. But when i open any video then only video is hidden but its audio start in background. Please check it out.

So you can be rest assured that you are in a save hands. Here is the Apps Download Link: DOWNLOAD LINK

Download the Apps today and Enjoy all the multiple features attached to it.
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How To Create a Custom Pattern Lock For Your Android Phone
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