Saturday, December 03, 2016

How To Download Any Youtube Video Of Your Choice

Do you know you can download any Youtube video of your choice even without software by just adding some codes to the video. Isn't that amazing. Am here for you to share the latest update in the world of Tech.

So go no where as am about to review those secrete codes you need to add infront of any Youtube video for it to be ur's.
The funniest part of it is that no hard work or even stress is involve just add the code and download the video.

Some of you might have been watching various Movies in Youtube. Not that you really want to watch the movie in Youtube but because you don't know the tricks to download the video and personalize it. That is download it in your device and watch any time you like and can even send to a friend as well instead of wasting your Data on Youtube.

Here is the Tricks.

Step One: Go To Youtube dot com.

Step Two: Scroll to your favourite Video click on it. You will be asked to click to watch. That is click to play. Do not click on the video.

Step Three :At the https://:

Before Youtube add the following code " ss " Eg: .

Step Four: after adding the code click enter and the Video download link will be displayed for you, click download to download the video.
That's all.

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How To Download Any Youtube Video Of Your Choice
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