Thursday, December 15, 2016

How To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Site Using Google+

Today we are Going to Be looking at how to drive a massive Traffic to your site using Google+.
Without wasting much of your time lets move over to the Tutorial.

Before you can start Driving traffic to your site through Google+ You must have opend a Google+ Account. For those of you that are not familia with it.
I will highlight a bit on how to Open a Google+ Account.

We all have gmail account. If you don't have open one for your self to make the work more easier. Login to your Gmail account do not logout. Close the Tap and open a New one, Type in And fill in the Form.

After that you will be asked to Follow some collections or things that you love. Press skip, Cause you can still follow them later once your account is fully set.
Note: you will be asked also to follow some individuals. Just skip all those processes. You do them later after the account creation.

Now that you have created your account you need to follow some Communites not collections. Cause you cannot share your post on Collections but communites.

Here is the tips. Follow the communites that Best intergrate your Blog Niche to avoid your Blog content been seen as Spam by Google+.

After joining your various communites. Go back to your Blogger Dashboard. Click on Posts. The click on Share. You will be asked to share Blog Post with public. Do not click share, Just click the Add+. As seen in the screen shot below

And all various communites you have joined will be displayed for you, Click on the one you would like to share your blog post. Then click on Replace because you will be asked to Replace Public with your Communite. Click replace and click share. Use the process to share all your blog post on Google+ communites.
Did you face any problem carrying out this Tutorial. Kindly report back to me Via the comment Box below for further clerification.
How To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Site Using Google+
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