Thursday, December 22, 2016

How To Know and Add Any Bloggers Features To Your Blog Including Share Button

Todays Tutorial is how to know and add any Bloggers features to your Blog. You might have visited some sites and liked their share button or other features. Today after this tutorial you will not only visit their site but also add their Top features to your blog.

Here is how you can add any Bloggers features to your Blog.
Before you can carry out below Tutorial make sure you are using a Laptop or a Computer. The reason why you need a Laptop or Computer for this Tutorial is to enable you edit that bloggers template. And also find what ever features you are looking for easily. You can use your Android Device as well, But i advise you use a Computer or Laptop.

Note; You have to know how to edit a blogger template and also the Codes as well where the are placed. that way it will enable you to find that particular feature easily. So lets continue.

Firstly visit any site of your choice that you love their blog features. Form your Laptop or Computer Keyboard. Press CTRL+U. After pressing it that particular Blogger Template source will be reviewed to you. Now from that template source press Again CTRL+F, A search Box will be displayed for you, In that search box you can type in the particular code you looking for. I know so many of will not understand this aspect that is why i will explain it very well to your understanding . For Example if you are looking for that particular blog share button, All you have to do is to type in <data:post.body/> in that search box and the code will be reviewed to you just scroll down as we have three Data:post.body to see the share this code copy it and add it to your blogger template that's all.

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Did you face any Problem carrying out this Tutorial kindly report back to us through the comment box below. for more Details and also assistance.
How To Know and Add Any Bloggers Features To Your Blog Including Share Button
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