Monday, December 19, 2016

How To Spy On Some else Whatsapp Without Them Knowing

Unlimited Tutorial Forum. Today we are going to be looking at How to Spy on some else Whatsapp without the Person knowing. Having a doubt that your girl friend or boy friend is cheating on you, Do not worry cause today you will get to know who is the special person he is always chatting with rather than you, And also for those of you i mean the married once who still think that your wife or husband is doing some outside business without your consent. Or your children, always with his or her phone chatting on whatsapp. Today you are going to find out whether the person he or she is chatting with is someone that will destroy her future by just a simple tricks.

Believe you don't need to be their but you will know all that is happening there. yes you heard me right. You do not need to be there to monitor him or her.

Follow below steps.
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1.Borrow your friends’ android phone which you want to spy for just one minute.

2.Go to settings —> About phone —> Status—> Wi-Fi MAC address

3.Note down the mac address. Keep the phone for few more minutes. we need it man.

4.Now go to your phone and uninstall whatsapp.

5.Change your Mac id to your friend’s one by  spoofing mac.

6.Now Download and install whatsapp on your phone. Whatsapp will send the verification code to your friend’s phone.

7.verify your downloaded whatsapp by the verification code sent to your friend’s phone.

8.You have installed exact replica of your friend’s whatsapp. Now whatever he or she will do, you can track it with your phone. Useful for parents and lovers. Do not use it for illegal purpose.

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How To Spy On Some else Whatsapp Without Them Knowing
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18 June 2017 at 06:39

I prefer to spy on my kids
, it helps a lot, especially if you're far away from them. It is important to supervise children when they are in their teens, as they can not take the most correct decision, after which they will regret about it.

20 June 2017 at 15:37

you are right @Sophie KH Kids are more important. Especially those in school. it is very important to keep an eye on them and what they do and the friends they keep as well.