Monday, December 05, 2016

How To Transfer Funds From Your GTBank To Other Banks

Are you an Online Banking lover. If you are here is another Great tricks again. In our last post we discused about How to Open a GTBank with your smart phone. Incase you missed that Tutorial here is the Link for you to Read up

Link On How To Open a GTBank Account With Your Smart Phone.

Some of us visit our various Banks when transfering funds. Which is not neccessary. Because you can actually do those things. The transfering processes with your various smart phones. No internet is required only an active SIM card is repuired and you are good to go.
And also with Online Banking you can perform all funtions in terms of Banking without visiting your various Banks.
Here are the Procedures.
Note that the following Tutorial work with all type of SIM no matter the Network Provider, so far the individual SIM card is active.

The Below Code should be dailed with the SIM in which you registered in Your Bank Account.

Step 1: Pick up your Phone.

Step 2: dail the following Code and Press Send.
Here is the code: *737*2*AMOUNT*NUBAN#
Dail the code press send. Thats all
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How To Transfer Funds From Your GTBank To Other Banks
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