Friday, December 02, 2016

How To Open a GTBANK Account With Your Mobile Phone

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I will be teaching you how to open a GT BANK with your mobile Phone. We all know how important Bank is to us, As individual, Company and cooperate society. Because it enables us to save funds and also avoid unnecessary spending, When money are saved in the Bank there is a great possibility that the money is not easily spend.

When an individual goes to the Bank to open a bank Account we all Know the process and procedure that follows the account opening. This post is meant reduce that stress as you can open a GT BANK Account considering you have a phone. The best part of it is that No Data is required for this process. All you need to is just Dial some code appropriately and your Account will be fully Created in not less than a minute. My Goal is to make a every day life easy for you as you don't need to stress your self over some certain things considering you have a smart phone, And No Data is required.

Now lets move over to the process:
Note: That the Post is only meant for GT BANK Users. Will be Giving you other banks Code soon.

Now Step One: Pick up your Phone.

Step Two: Dial. *737*0#.
Then follow the processes and you are Good to Go.
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How To Open a GTBANK Account With Your Mobile Phone
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