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Super Fast Ways To Find Any Code In Your Blogger Template

For those of you who are not familiar with the Blogger template Editing process here is how to find any code in your blogger template. It is the super fast way to any Code instantly in your Blogger Template. Read carefully for better Understanding.
Go and Read some top bloggers Tutorial. Read the comment section part. You see comments like. I can't find the second Code in my blogger template or I did not find the first line of Code in my blogger template mean while the code is in the template.


Reader; Hello Admin please help me out. i can''t find the first line of Code.

Admin'; Check your Blog very well the code is there.

Reader; I have checked, can't still find the Code.

Admin; Please i don't know what to do check your Blog very well

Who do think is at fault.
The Reader or the Admin. Drop your comment in the comment section.

Now to the Tutorial
For you to find any code in your blogger template both the invisible and visible once.

First: Click on Template and Click on HTML section.
Now there is some thing you must do before pressing the well known. CTRL+F.

In your template by the left hand side. You can see some DOT'S. Now what do you think those DOT'S are for. The are used to hide some codes in your blogger template. Have you ever noticed when you click on it that Particular DOT expands instantly. That is because the are used to hide some certain code.

Before pressing your CTRL+F first of all Make sure you have click on those DOTs from the begining of the template to the End. After that press your CTRL+F and that particular code will be displayed for you. Some of the Codes are more than once in your blogger template. Codes like <data:post.body/> and so on . So after pressing your CTRL+F just scroll down to find the remaining codes. Ok. Some of you may find it hard to do but it is the right. Stop complaining and do the right

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Super Fast Ways To Find Any Code In Your Blogger Template
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