Thursday, December 08, 2016

The Benefit and Consequences of Making an Author Admin Of Your Blog

Having problem adding an Author to your Blog. Worry no more as below Tutorial will answer all your questions on How to add multiple Author to your blog.

Below are the usefulness of adding an Author to your Blog.
An Author when added to your Blog or Website keeps your blog updated all the Time. By making new posts and also sharing of your Article. As it helps in the Increasement of Blog traffic.

Your Question now: will an Author harm my Blog.
The answer is capital NO. By adding an Author to your Blog will not harm your blog. Because the Author is limited to some certain level in your Blog. Below are things an Author can not do to your blog.

Number 1: An Author can not Edit your Template.

Number 2: An Author can not Add any features or remove any features from your Blog Layout.

Number 3: An Author Does not have any access to your Blogger setting and can not make any changes on behalf of the Admin.

The above facts clearly states that an Author can not in any way Harm your blog.

Since an Author can not in any way harm my Blog but increase my Blog Traffic. How Do I Add It To My Blog.

Step 1: Login to your blogger Account, Form your Blogger dashboard click on Setting as seen in the screen shot below.


Step 2: Now once been redirected to your blogger setting after clicking. Scroll down to "Permission" and You will see a writing below the permission that says "Add an Author" click on it.

Step 3: Type in the person you are inviting as an Author Gmail Account, And press Invite. After that the person you are inviting need to open his or her Gmails Account in other to accept the invitation. Once the invitation has been accept. Then you can decide on your own to make the person an Admin or The person remain an Author. 'Take Note' Once you make an individual an Admin to your Blog. He or she can kick you out of the blog and claim the ownership. So becareful to avoid tears.

Don't forget to share with friends. Let the know the effect of making an Unknown Individuals Admin of their blog. Any Question or suggestion kindly use the comment box below.
The Benefit and Consequences of Making an Author Admin Of Your Blog
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