Monday, December 12, 2016

Ultimate Guide On Adding And Removing An Admin Form a Facebook Page

Todays Tutorial is how to add and Remove an Admin form a facebook Page. For some of you who are not familia with the processes of adding an Admin to a Facebook Page. Here is the great tutorial that will enlight you on the processes.

Below are the Benfit of adding an Admin to your Facebook Page.

Number 1: When you have more than one admin in your Facebook page then that page is secured. Even though you account is blocked by facebook. It will not affect your facebook page. You can still retain it by been added back again by another admin of that same page.

Make sure not to add some one you are not familia with as your facebook Admin. Because he or she can remove you as an Admin of that page and for you to recover it back is a long process. So be very careful not to make any mistake.

Thats enough lets move over to the Tutorial.

Step 1: Login to your facebook account.

Step 2: Click on page and select the page you would like to add the Admin to.

Step 3: Click on Setting. And scroll down to Page Roles. After that click on add a Person. All your friends list will be listed out for you, but instead of scrolling up and down. Just type in the person name and his information will be displayed for you. Before adding make sure the person you are adding both of you are both friends. If the individual is not your friend make sure to add before proceeding ok.

Step 4: After the Individual must have been added. A new page will be displayed for you asking you whether you want to make him and Admin or Author bla bla bla. Then click on admin. And he or she is authomatically made an Admin of that page.

When Removing an Admin i still thesame process. After clicking on setting and scrolling down to Page Roles do not click on Add a Person. Just scroll down to see the list of Admin or Authors. By the right hand side of the Admin section click on Edit. A new page will be displayed for me. Scroll down after save and click on Remove. You will be required to enter your password and Confirm. After that he or she will be deleted form your page.

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Did you face any problem carring out this Tutorial kindly report back to me via the comment box below for further clerification.
Ultimate Guide On Adding And Removing An Admin Form a Facebook Page
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