Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How To Create Fake Whatsapp Chat/Conversation.

Here on The Blogger Tricks. we will learn how to Create fake whatsapp Chat/Conversation. if there be any step you did not understand kindly report back to us via the comment box.

Here is also how You can create fake whatsapp chat with celebrities and amaze all your friends by showing that, You can make them fool by making fake whatsapp chat with a big star Tom Cruise, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc.
How To Spy On Some else Whatsapp Without Them Knowing
Note, you can do these types of whatsapp prank with your buddies by an android application called WhatSaid – Download WhatSaid App for Android.

Now with this app, you will be able to create fake whatsapp conversation with anyone by simply inserting their pictures, name and then create your own messages (Fake messages). We hope you are liking our whatsapp tricks 2017. If you so then do not forget to share this awesome whatsapp tricks and tips on you favourite social media.

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How To Create Fake Whatsapp Chat/Conversation.
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