Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to Rank High on Search Engines

How to Rank High on Search Engines: When it comes to search engine Ranking there are many variable factors. Which is not considered by Newbies before going into Blogging.

That is why am going to being highlighting some factors which are to be considered if you really want to Rank high on Search Engines.
Choosing a Post TitleBefore choosing a Title for your Post, You don't just choose it simply because it sound good or because people while click and read your post once the see the title

There are certain factors to be considere which i listed below.

1: Research. 

Before choosing a title for your Blog post try as much as you can to make some research about that title using Keyword Generators. Below are the list of Keywords which can be used to check the Search engine value of your post title. And it will also help you in choosing relevant title for your blog post.


With Spyfu you can do some searious damage to your competitors, as well as get a great overview of a keyword’s value. Readmore about them Here.


Ubersuggest has long been a favorite of many SEOs that need keyword suggestion data. I personally love this tool not only for keyword research, but also just to learn more about a topic. Some of my favorite queries to run on this tool is “How do I” or “What does a”

keywordtool.io/Sources: Google, Bing, Youtube and App Store (+ Support of multiple countries and languages for each source. I was testing it in English only)


2: Write quality Content.

After choosing a Good Title for your post, The next thing to do is. Writing a quality content for your Blog. When people visit your Blog what type of content are there presented with, It matters alot, sure to write quality content for your Blog so that he or she that visit your Blog can come back again for more.
Remember to Grab the Post URL and other link to share on your Blog and also Social Media.
How to Rank High on Search Engines
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29 March 2017 at 10:46

Hi. Thank you for this article. I have never heard about some of these tools yet. Gonna check it.
I use SERPstat now. Have you tried it? Want to read your review.

29 March 2017 at 11:48

Oh! forgot to mention them on the post. I started using them of recently and my experience with them so far is awesome. Really love it.

13 February 2018 at 12:38

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