Monday, March 06, 2017

Replace Newer and Older Posts Links in Blogger With Next and Previous Button

Blogger blogs by default comes with nasty page navigation under all the posts in the sequence of "Newer Post", "Home" and "Older Post". If you are working to convert your blog into a professional website then you must think to change these ugly links with stylish images or buttons. It will not only enhance your blog design but also attract your readers to read more posts. Hence you can increase your blog page views by doing these simple changes. You are reading this tutorial so I can hope that you already see these types of fancy next and previous buttons on some big blogs. If those blog’s owners are using these types of buttons then you should also try them. Replace older and newer posts links with images to give your blog a professional touch. So, let's see how to do it.

Replace Newer and Older Posts Links with Image

Below are some simple steps that you have to follow.

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Go to your blogger dashboard. Navigate to Template > Edit HTML (first Backup Your Blog Template) Tick on Expand Widget Template box. Press Ctrl+F and search for

and replace it with below code.

<img alt='Previous Page' src=''/>

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and change it with

<img alt='Next Page' src=''/>

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and replace it with

<img alt='Home' src=''/>

Now click on save template button.
You are done!
Replace Newer and Older Posts Links in Blogger With Next and Previous Button
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