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Sure Fire Way to Remove Soratemplates Credit Link

If you have been searching for tricks on how to remove the credit link of soratemplates. Then search no More. Cause you are in the right place, and also reading the right post. Sure Fire Way to Remove Soratemplates Credit Link.

Recently soratemplates have noticed that people always remove their credit link after downloading their template and also doing a simple modification on the template in some cases.

That is why when you download some of their template you noticed that at the credit link it is not only soratemplates that is there. You see something like this.

Template Created by Soratemplate&Mybloggerthemes.

If you try removing the soratemplates link then Mybloggerthemes will be displayed there. Now you can understand why i said you are in the right place cause. I will teach you how to get rid of both credit link and without been redirected to any site.

Just follow below steps and if you face any Problem. Just use the comment box below for my assistance ok.

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Note: You can also use the tricks to remove those templates that has only soratemplates as credit link and also those once that has Both soratemplates&Mybloggerthemes.

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Step 1. Go to Dashboard -Template- click on the Edit HTML anywhere inside the code area and open the template search box by pressing the CTRL + F keys

Step 2.Type or paste this code in the search box, then hit Enter to find it:

<!-- Footer Copyright --> or This <!-- footer wrapper end -->
Step 3. Now the code starts with this and it End with this see the Image below.

<!-- Footer Copyright -->
<div class='copyright'>Created By <a href='' id='mycontent' title='Free Blogger Templates'>Sora Templates</a>

Step 4. Just replace it with below codes.

<!-- Footer Copyright -->
<div class='copyright'>Copyright &#169; 2016-2017 | <a href=''>TheBloggerTricks</a> | <a href='#'>Recruitment</a> | <a href='#'>Admit Card</a> | <a href='#'>Result</a> | <a href='#'>Sitemap</a>
<a href='' id='mycontent' rel='nofollow' style='visibility: hidden' title='Free Blogger Templates'>Sora Templates</a>

Then Replace the # with your Label Links. And also My Blog Name and The Link
Step 5. Save the changes by clicking on the Save Template button.

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Follow The Below Steps For Removing Footer Credits From Blogger
  • Now Login to your Blogger and open your blog. 
  • Now find the credit/footer link in footer which you need to remove. Now You’ll find looking like Copyright,or designed etc 

Now Add following line with your original copyright ID.

style="visibility: hidden"

Now Save your Template and Enjoy
Thats all on Sure Fire Way to Remove Soratemplates Credit Link.
Sure Fire Way to Remove Soratemplates Credit Link
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Happy that you love it. #Gozkybrain Izuka.

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