Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How to know Email Subscribers of a Blog

How to know Email Subscribers of a Blog: Blogger provides you a widget which you can add to your Blog. In which it allows your Readers to subscribe to your Blog Post. When you publish a Post on your Blog instantly your readers receive it through email. For those that subscribed via Email and This obviously brings a huge traffic back. So email subscription is quite important for Blog owners for increasement of traffic and credibility as well. How do we know those who are the email subscribers of our blog ?

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Guide On How to know Email Subscribers of a Blog. If you face any problem, you can tell me by comment.

Step 1: Go to Feed burner Home page

Step 2: Now Click on Publicize Tab on top navigation Bar.
Step 3: Click on "Email Subscriptions" at left sidebar. It will bring you to Subscription Management Page.

Step 3: Scroll Down the webpage and Click on "View Subscriber Details ▼ ".

NOTE: Below Tricks are shared only for those once using Feedburner. Wish you the Best of Luck.
How to know Email Subscribers of a Blog
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