Monday, May 29, 2017

How To Setup Multiple Social Media Accounts With One Email

Learn How To Setup Multiple Social Media Accounts With One Email : For Twitter social media fans, who love to create more than one Twitter account.

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Just after todays tutorial you will learn the tricks i have used in creating more than one twitter account with the same Gmail account.


This Tricks is an awesome time saver. When you setup a new account on Twitter it Requires you to use an original email address – that has not been used before in the System. Thank God, there’s a fairly exquisite way around it.

This tip requires you to have a Gmail account as your main email (or, at least access to a Gmail account). Most people don’t know that Gmail supports the use of the ‘ ’ character to let you filter your main email. You don’t have to do anything on your Gmail account. All you do is add the ‘ ’ and another word after the first part of your email address – the part before the ' ' – and you can use this as a “new”, stand alone email address around the web. Here’s the sweet part: all emails sent to this “new” email will still go to your main Gmail inbox.

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For example, if your email address was, if you use Paulnwachukwu530 on any website, any email sent to the latter would go to your inbox ( Gmail knows that the part before the plus symbol is your username, but Gmail understands the part after the plus symbol, too.

If you use Gmail you can try this yourself now – simply send an email to your username, where yourusername = your Gmail username.
(You could even use the word whatever if you wanted!)

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Now you can go ahead and use yourusername for a new Twitter profile, even if is already in use on Twitter. You could also set up Twitter profiles using yourusername, yourusername clientname@, yourusername facebook@, and so on.

Even better, you can configure Gmail as usual so that it filters and labels these “new” email addresses however you want.
Cool, eh?

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How To Setup Multiple Social Media Accounts With One Email
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