Thursday, May 11, 2017

How to Leave A Clickable Link In Blog Comments

How to Leave A Clickable Link In Blog Comments: Commenting on other Blogs is a great way of driving huge traffic to your own Blog and also Backlink's as well. Unlike many Blog comments, not all have an HTML tag that allows you to add a clickable link in the comment section. So simply writing won't work. Sure it's there for people to see and the probability of driving traffic to your own blog and also Backlink with that format is low.

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So how do we comment on other blogs leaving a clickable link behind after the comment. You will need a simple bit of HTML code - which is:

              <a href="">TheBloggerTricks</a> 

Below is how the link will look like in the comment section.
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To use the code above to create your clickable link, simply edit the link in the quotation marks ok "" and then the text in the arrows >TheBloggerTricks<

when Next you visit any Blog and wants to leave a comment for Backlink and Traffic. Then do not forget to make use of the above format.

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Note: Is not advised to leave a clickable link in all your comments to Blogs, Some times just comment.
That's all on How to Leave A Clickable Link In Blog Comments
How to Leave A Clickable Link In Blog Comments
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