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How To Connect Multiple Phone Numbers On a Single SIM

How To Connect Multiple Phone Numbers On a Single SIM

You are a business man and you have many business lines. Unto which you recieve various calls. Let me save you the stress of going about with those phones because you wouldn't want to Miss any call. That is the reason why where ever you are you also love your phone to be there. But do you that you can actually connect those various SIM to One SIM Card. Yes you can do that and save yourself the stress of going about with the phones in the Name of business transactions.

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Just follow Below Steps and you are Good to go.
Note that this feature Utilises Call Divert to perform the task.

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How It Works:
Supposing you wanr to use three SIMs in one of your phone, Let say MTN, GLO and AIRTEL. And you want the GLO and AIRTEL to be connected to the MTN Sim.

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All you have to do is to divert the GLO and AIRTEL sims to the MTN sim with the following Steps.

Insert the GLO sim into your phone and dial **62*(Your Phone Number)# and send. The GLO is now diverted to the MTN line. Whenever they call your GLO Line, It will ring in the MTN Line.

Repeat the processes Inserting the AIRTEL sim and you have the three sim connected in your Phone.

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How To Connect Multiple Phone Numbers On a Single SIM
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