Thursday, June 08, 2017

How To Make Your Number Unavailable To A Particular Caller

Minute callers. When their call is picked no reasonable explanation. But the keep calling. Today i will be teaching you some tricks on how to barn their line once and for all. And the will not be able to call us again unless we unblock them.
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After Today's Tutorial. You alone will determined at what Date and hour the will call you. You do not have to pick up your phone and put it on Number Busy, Nahhhh.
Save yourself that stress. As the will disturb us No more.
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NOTE: No active data and Airtime is required. Just and active SIM Network and A Good Smart phone and you are good to go.
Guide On How To Make Your Number Unavailable To A Particular Caller
Pick up your phone. Cause is time to barn their line. And Dial *35*0000*The Person Phone Number#Send. From then that particular individual will not be able to contact you with that particular Number.

The ANTIDOT: To Cancel it just key in the following codes in your smart phone. *35*0000# to cancel.

Remember if you have Barred more than one person when you key in the cancel Digits which is *35*0000# it will not only cancel that particular individual, But every other contact you have barred along side with it.
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How To Make Your Number Unavailable To A Particular Caller
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