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SEO Tips: How to Publish Posts that Search Engines Will Love

Often times we talk about unique content for the website, that is also a great way to enable search engine index and rank your post better. But we have not come to the terms that they are some certain things that actually made up unique content.

It is not only by giving a post an attractive title, that search engine index is guaranteed, Good keywords research is also needed. so sit back and enjoy as we unveil the procedures of writing a unique content that search engine will love.





UNIQUE POST TITLE: When we talk about the unique title, I know so many of us may think it is an inspiration. it is not an inspiration when you look forward getting a better ranking for your post on search engines and also audience engagement. you don't just come up with a title and then tag it on your post simply because you felt that it will attract readers attention, what of search engine attraction you never thought of it.
NOTE: you are not writing for readers alone but also search engine as well. Since the unique title is not something one can just come up with. How do we then find the right title for our post that readers will not only love it but also search engines as well? That we will discuss in the Next Paragraph. tags PROPER KEYWORDS RESEARCH.

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PROPER KEYWORDS RESEARCH: Most of us are not just hearing keywords research for the first time. But our inability to use it to our own advantage is the problem. below is my keywords research ignorance experience to enable you to understand the power of keywords research.

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When I first began to blog. Then I will always publish a post and just tag it any title I think will attract readers. I continued that until I published a post titled: Create Facebook License Card | FB Driving License Maker . Then I decided to give this keyword I always hear about a shot. and it worked for me. The Post got ranked third on Google search engine with the keywords create "Facebook license Card" See image below:

That is the power of proper keywords usage: Below is an article Titled: 10 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in 2017 : Reader it to learn more on how to rank your blog post on search engines through proper keywords usage.

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⇛GOOD PARAGRAPH: a Good paragraph is also important when trying to write Posts that Search Engines Will Love. Do not let your post get too jam-packed together. so as to enable your readers to understand what the post is all about. also, know when to give your paragraph and when not to.

POST INTERLINKING: On our last place on "SEO Tips: How to Publish Posts that Search Engines Will Love" is POST INTERLINKING. try and interlink your post to also increase your blog page-view. and also readers to last longer on your blog. have something to keep them busy with by interlinking your Blog Posts.

FROM THE AUTHOR: That is all on SEO Tips: How to Publish Posts that Search Engines Will Love. hope you enjoyed reading it. happy blogging. 
SEO Tips: How to Publish Posts that Search Engines Will Love
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